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Advantage:Either my character or yours will take advantage of the other while they’re feeling vulnerable.
Amuse Me:I will write a funny drabble about my character trying to cheer yours up.
Bad Dream:I’ll write my character having a nightmare about yours, or vice versa.
Bleed:My character will injure your character
Blood:My muse killing yours
Break Me:I will write an angsty drabble about our characters.
Celebration:Our characters celebrate together. Or have a party.
Cerberus:Our characters raising a little hell together
Child:I’ll write our characters raising a child.
Date:I’ll write a drabble of my character taking yours out on a date.
Gift:My character gives your character something special. Or vise versa. Specify.
Hallucinations:My character will have hallucinations about your character.
Heal:My character will tend to your character’s wounds: or be at their side when they’re sick.
Hush:My muse trying to calm and quiet yours
Kill:I’ll write a angst drabble of my character violently killing yours.
Lips:Our characters will share a kiss (either sexual or non, your choice)
Obsession:I’ll write a drabble about my character having an obsession with yours. Vise versa.
Rivalry:I’ll write a drabble of our characters having a rivalry between each other.
Seduce:I’ll write my character trying to seduce yours or vice versa
Shag Me:I’ll write a dirty drabble about our characters. specify
Sleep:I’ll write a drabble of my character snuggling in bed with yours.
Take Me:my character will kidnap yours
Tease Me:my character will tease yours: whether in a friendly or a sexual manner
Torture Me:I’ll write a drabble about your character torturing mine or vise versa.
Warmth:Our muses doing something fluffy and cute together
Wash:I’ll write a drabble of our characters showering/bathing together.
Watching:My muse watching yours die
While Your Lips Are Still Red:Write about your character falling in love at ‘first sight’ but simply admiring the other from afar, too shy to make the first move.
X Me:I will write whatever it is that you wish: [specify.]
Zip Me:I’ll write a drabble about your character dressing mine: or the other way around [this can also be used for shutting them up as well: but feel free to specify.]
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